Portfolio Companies

Company Overview

Companies owned by Asaba Group Holdings deliver a variety of value-added products and services to a wide range of industries.

Manufacturing application specific products and value - adding processing services
Premium Beverage Branding and Distribution
Corporate development and transaction related acquisition services

Leveraging a Heritage of Strategy Consulting and Advisory Services

Asaba Group Holdings’ portfolio companies are focused on providing customers with innovative solutions that help them maintain and increase market share. We generate long-term, superior returns for our shareholders/investors by investing in companies with unique market advantages or that occupy a competitive "white space" within an industry. We provide them with strong focused management teams and strategic guidance which leverages our strategy and management consulting heritage.

Building a Strong American Presence and Seeking Global Growth

From locations in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Massachusetts, Asaba Group Holdings' companies provide products and services to companies with locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. While continuing our commitment to internal growth and the growth of our customers, we will also target progress as a true global business. Broadening our international coverage will enable us to deliver enhanced levels of value as a partner supporting customers’ innovation.
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